Who We Are

About our CEO

Phreshy, born Derrian Perry is the premier go to publicist, lifestyle specialist and curator. A creative, strategist, entrepreneur and philanthropist , If it needs to be done call on Phreshy. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Phreshy embodies hustle and offers a real,raw and relentless way of getting the job done. He has an impeccable ability to merge the unthinkable and ensure the impossible happens. Equipped with knowledge, experience and facts, Phreshy is not only the plug but the socket.  Simply put, give him a dark and empty space and he’ll create the magic and add light. While work is priority, Phreshy also prides himself on empowering and enhancing the lives of others while doing so.  When Phreshy is around, dreams turn into reality, the impossible becomes possible and faith becomes a way of life. I AM PHRESHY, the brand behind your favorite brands

My happy Place is helping others…

 Derrian Perry – CEO & Founder I AM PHRESHY BRAND